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Individual security systems components

Individual security systems components and other sensors for your security from Electronic s.r.o

Electronic security system is made of central unit(bla bla bla), controllers (keypad, remote controls), sensors and alerting devices(siren or hooter)

Is plastic or steel box, which analysis signals from individual sensors. Central unit does not need any intervention from the user and that is why is usually placed in less accessible place. It needs to be connected to 230V current. In case of power cut central unit has got back-up accumulator, which keeps the security alarm functional in range of tens of hours. When central unit receives signal from some of its sensors it will activate the alarm(it will trigger sound alarm and starts sending messages or voicemail to mobile devices or to security company G4S for example)

Are used to control the whole system. By punching correct code into the keypad you can protect or un-protect property.Security system is actually communicating with you through keypad – it will tell you whether your property is protected or not, it will tell you if there is a fault or maintenance service needed. Most of today’s keypads has got LCD display which is informative and you can read what is going on in comparison to an older LED keypad. Much easier and comfortable is remote control keypad but you can get into troubles in case you lose it – a thief or burglar could potentially deactivate whole security system by pressing simply a button on your remote control(in case you lose it, you have to contact us and we can erase such remote control from the central unit. Most of the time it is possible to do give advice over the phone or over secure internet protocol) Keypads/remote controls will help you control whole system, range of remote control is usually in range of tens of meters around the property.


a.) Basic PIR sensor for indoors (from 300,-Kč without VAT/DPH)

Motion sensor is the most used sensor for detecting movement. PIR(Passive Infra Red) sensor is used for securing property indoors and for wireless transmission of security breach into the Central unit. PIR sensor works by detecting temperature in view field of a sensor. Sensor will check temperatureafter activation in its view field and will use this temperature as the default one. In case a human (which produces heat)will enter view field sensor will detect change in temperature and sensor will send a signal to Central unit to trigger the alarm. Above described scenario is simplified however because our sensor keeps checking and comparing temperature to avoid false alarm. A typical range of these sensors is around twelve meters and angle of view is around 120 degrees. These parameters is possible to adjust by replacing/upgrading the lens of sensor. It is also possible to use outdoor motion sensors, which will not detect animals like dog or cat. Price of these fine tuned sensors is more expensive, in region around 2000,-Kč without VAT/DPH.

b.) Dual PIR sensor (from 900,-Kč without VAT/DPH)

Function of dual sensor is on combinationof two priciples of detection, infrapassive(PIR – detection of heat produced by moving human being) and microwave (MW – it send microwaves and is able to see change in them in case they are reflected back by a human being). To trigger the alarm is possible only, if both sensors detect breach at same time or in predefined time scale.These sensors are often used in more severe weather conditions due to their robust design

c.) Outdoors PIR sensor (from 2.000,-Kč without VAT/DPH)

Is designed to identified breach of outdoor space by human being. It is dual zone outdoor sensor. It contains two vertically rotating pyroelements, from which the lower one’s height is adjustable. Thanks to this function yo can achieve one of four combinations of fine-tuning and eliminate false alarms caused by smaller animals or objects in long distance. To trigger the alarm both combinations need to be triggered at same time.These sensors also have TAMPER, which protects sensor from damage.

Is made of two parts, first part is attached to a window or door frame and second part on the door or window itself. After connecting and activation with Central unit sensor keeps watching for breaking in the door or window and protects objects from violent intrusion.Indoors objects are protected by PIR (passive infra red)sensors, which almost instantly reacts to break in, magnetic sensors are used mostly for securing doors(advantage here is that if thief tries to get in by breaking the door, alarm gets triggered before he breaks the door because magnetic sensor will send signal to the Central unit beforehand, that there is a security breach).

This sensor combines optical sensor of smoke with heat sensor. It has got built-in siren for immediate warning and is used for fire safety in indoor objects or shopping centres,etc. Sensor is based on combination of two sensors – optical smoke detector and temperature sensor.Signal processing from both sensors is digital and that helps to avoid false alarms and is more accurate. Optical sensor works on principal of scattered light and is very sensitive to a bigger particles, which are in thick smoke,less sensitive to a smaller particles, which are present in clean burning fires. Optical sensor cannot hovewer detect purely burning products(like alcohol). This disadvantage is removes built in heat senso, which reacts slower, but responds much better to a fire with minimal amount of smoke. Products of fire such as smoke and heat are detected by sensor via air and heat flow. These sensors must be installed on ceilings, so fumes and smoke would be raising towards them. These sensors are therefore great only for indoor use. They are not good choice in places where smoke could spread across vast space,mainly in buildings with high ceilings, where smoke might not reach the sensor.

Responds to a burning gas or steams. Sensor uses a hot platinum filament. Is connected to the main and apart signal for Central unit shares signal to shut off gas valve/cock. This sensor is used to detect leak of flammable gases (town gas, propan, buta, acetylen, etc) a other fumes. It will signal leak visualy, audibly and also sends signal to Central unit.

Glass break detector is used to protect glass windows such as shop windows an also detects their destruction. It uses dual method, it measures small changes of the air pressure in the room (impact of the glass window) and sound of breaking glass afterwards. This method is highly accurate when glass window is smashed. Sensitivity of detector is possible to adjust to the size of the glass panels and also windows distance from detector. In addition, the glass break detector is equipped with an optional memory indication. It connects to the central unit alarm systems, from which it is fed by electricity.

Flood detector is designed to detect flooding or exceeding the permissible water level. Flood is signalized by built-in siren. For related systems signalization can use relay contact. The product is is often used in bathrooms, kitchens and boiler rooms, or when filling tanks, swimming pools or aquariums.

There are of course many other detectors that can be connected to the security/alarm systems. Listed above are the most commonly used.